Blog Created

September 15, 2020

This is the day it all began! See the blog post for more. Shout out to Abigail O’Rourke for being an amazing & supportive partner through all of this!

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First WP Digital Product Sale

September 10, 2018

Easy Tides – Single Site: $55.30 What an amazing thing to wake up & see an email from Elegant Marketplace in my inbox. Someone saw enough value in the Divi child theme that I wrapped up to pay me money for it. Shout out to Coty for making this day for me!

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First Site Makeover

February 15, 2018

Villa Colonna Quito. The original goal of this project was to “be number one on Google.” I am not sure if we were ever able to achieve this, or if that was something we even promised… but we were able to reach a wider audience through the introduction of online booking & social media campaigns. The site conversion from Wix to WordPress paid off in a matter of months. Shout out to Pascal & Debra for being amazing hosts, and friends.

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Complete Front End Certificate – Free Code Camp

November 7, 2017

Yay! Approximately 400hrs of coursework went into throughout 6 month. This is now considered “legacy” and they have a much more impressive & robust curriculum. The cert is still available for those interested! Shout out to Free Code Camp for being an awesome free platform for learning the craft!

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Landed First Project

November 2, 2017

Thank you Maria for being an awesome client all these years!

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Began First Remote Internship

October 17, 2017

Primer Stories. Wow. Tim & Joe are doing amazing things with their story telling & graphics. I am so grateful for that opportunity. My role was as a social media intern. This consisted of posting on social media via Buffer over the course of of the assignment. I learned so much about remote work, communication, social media marketing, and… life. Their stories are seriously cool. Go read a few.

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University Graduation

June 16, 2017

Bachelors in Chemical Engineering Minor in Business Masters in nothing… This was a close call! After 6 years of hard work, it all came down to the wire. The school required a 0 credit “course” which consisted of taking the FE exam. Of course I saved this test for last minute… this shows you my interest in pursuing a career in this field. My drivers license had expired 2 – 3 weeks prior to the exam & the new one was still in the mail. I was able to use a short term paper license to legally access the road via a vehicle. Long story short… I was unable to take the engineering test with a valid proof of identity. It was…

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Web Development Bootcamp

June 2, 2017

This was a one month long course that occurred a few times a week. We covered the basics of HTML, CSS, JS, as well as general tips for freelancers. Shout out to John Kurnett for helping us get started down this path! Also, a thanks to Sacramento Hacker Lab for creating a space for this event to take place.

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First WP Related Course

February 23, 2017

On this day (well night at 11:07pm – to be precise) I made a purchase for an online course that would teach me how to sell websites on The first website I built, you ask? – with the goal being a directory that would connect local producers with local restaurants. Wonder what ever happened with that project… Shout out to Alec Larson @ Sell the Shovels for putting this together.

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First Internship

February 1, 2017

UNR had a program to work with organizations in the local Nevada area. I had the pleasure of working with various businesses at Adams Hub for a semester. This internship put me in contact with digital course creators, scientists, people building software for anything from disaster relief to managing a goat heard, battery powered candles, life coaches, authors, yoga…

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Began First Online Course

May 15, 2015

Yes. It was one of those kindle e-book business courses… the idea of a meaningful “work from anywhere” lifestyle had been planted. This seemed like the most practical & achievable route. Sold about 2 copies, felt disingenuous to me at the time & moved on. Shout out to Stefan for the work he does.

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High School Graduation

July 13, 2011

Learned nothing & everything. Thank you to all the teachers who spent their time teaching me things.

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